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Release Notes

  1. Version 3.2.0

    Monday, November 6, 2023

    What's New

    1. Export all comments for the entire project

      We're thrilled to introduce a highly requested feature that allows you to effortlessly export all comments across your entire project. Export all comments for the entire project
    2. iOS: Background playback mode

      The new background playback mode provides uninterrupted playback of your current file on iOS, even when the app is running in the background or your screen is locked. For new iOS users, this is now the default setting. We've added this playback mode due to limitations in iOS that prevent any form of level match when playback in background is supported. However, we've made the experience seamless for you. If you wish to enable Level Match, we provide a helpful hint that clarifies this limitation and allows you to activate Level Match while concurrently disabling background playback. iOS: Background playback mode
    3. Waveforms provide a visual representation of Level Match

      The waveforms in the song and version list dynamically adjust their height to illustrate the impact of Level Match. Waveforms provide a visual representation of Level Match
  2. Version 3.1.0

    Sunday, August 13, 2023

    Many thanks to everyone who contributed valuable feedback for our latest major release. Your insights have been instrumental in shaping the enhancements that are now part of this update. Keep those ideas and insights coming – we're all ears and super excited to hear what you've got to say!

    What's New

    1. Revamped Song Header

      We're thrilled to introduce a decluttered song header that organizes song items atop and version items below. By clicking on the integrated loudness or true peak label, you can access detailed information about the audio file. Revamped Song Header
    2. New plackback feature: Loop

      Repeasts the current song. New plackback feature: Loop
    3. Upload song/version: Song sort order is now configurable

      Specify wether songs should be displayed alphabetically or the newest song should be shown first. Upload song/version: Song sort order is now configurable
    4. Fullscreen player option

      With the click of a button you can now make the waveform use the full screen width Fullscreen player option
    5. Level Match Upgrade: Clip Prevention

      When Level Match is active and a specific loudness is configured, it dynamically adjusts to the nearest value without introducing clipping. Enable "use distortion" to make it always use the specified loudness. Level Match Upgrade: Clip Prevention
    6. Enable Auto Align by default

      When checked Auto Align is enabled for all users by default. Users can still choose to turn it off when needed. Enable Auto Align by default
    7. Songs and versions page indicator in the navigation bar

      The navigation bar clearly indicates which page is active, allowing you to switch seamlessly by clicking on the indicator. Songs and versions page indicator in the navigation bar
    8. Selected Song order is stored per project

      The song order you selected is now remembered for each project individually.

    Bug Fixes & Improvements

    1. Done comments with unread replies are now always shown
    2. Removed unnecessay animation of waveform when auto align is enabled and a differnt song is selected
    3. On mobile devices, the comment tab now automatically is shown when a comment is selected, enhancing accessibility
    4. Fixed missing resend invitation button
    5. When a now song is uploaded the list now scrolls to make it visible
    6. The footer layout has been fine-tuned for smaller screens, providing a seamless user experience across devices
  3. Version 3.0.0

    Tuesday, May 9, 2023

    What's New

    1. New layout and color schemes
    2. Custom sort orders are now called playlists
    3. Simplified landing pages for new users
    4. More resilient file uploads
    5. Version upload: Completely redesigned algorithm to automatically select the right song and pre-fill description
    6. Dragging a comment with a position now creates a range instead of moving the comment
    7. It’s now possible to try different plans when trial is active
    8. Prevent mobile devices from entering lock mode while audio is playing (requires iOS 16.4 or newer)
    9. Show seek bar in footer when currently selected version is not the one being played
    10. Share version now supports videos
    11. Easily let us know about feedback with the new feddback item in the navigation bar

    Bug Fixes & Improvements

    1. When editing a comment, selecting a different comment shows the newly selected comment as being edited
  4. Version 2.6.0

    Wednesday, January 19, 2022

    What's New

    1. New app setting: Appearance

      Change the appearance of Stacktune within your account setting New app setting: Appearance
    2. All new dark mode

      Stacktune now ships with a dark theme, putting less strain on your eyes in darker environments. All new dark mode
    3. Redesigned public link modal

      We redesigned the public link modal. Additionally you can now specify the theme for each link individually. Redesigned public link modal
    4. Redesigned Public Version Page

      The public version pages received a fresh new look. Redesigned Public Version Page
  5. Version 2.5.0

    Thursday, December 23, 2021

    What's New

    1. Create private comments

      Wether you want to take a note for yourself or plan to post a comment later, now you can easily create comments that are only visible to you. (studio subscriptions only) Create private comments
    2. Automatically select first song

      When opening a project the first song is automatically selected, to make it easier for new users to find the comment button.
  6. Version 2.4.0

    Tuesday, December 7, 2021

    What's New

    1. Find out who already listened

      Ever wanted to know which project members already had chance to listen to a version? Now it's easy to find out. Find out who already listened

    Bug Fixes & Improvements

    1. Project details: Did not display used invite links
    2. Some buttons were not visible for users without a Stacktune account.
  7. Version 2.3.0

    Wednesday, September 29, 2021

    What's New

    1. Members section now also contains invite links

      Invite links are no longer managed as a separate list. Now the members section lists everyone who has access to the project in one place. Members section now also contains invite links
    2. Due date time

      The due date selector now allows setting a time. Will default to the end of the day. Due date time

    Bug Fixes & Improvements

    1. Audio align does not adjust seekbar and comment offset.
    2. Pinned version icon did not display correctly which version was pinned.
  8. Version 2.2.0

    Sunday, June 27, 2021

    What's New

    1. Public version: Hide comments from other users

      When creating a link to a public version, it is now possible to specify whether users are allowed to see comments from other users or just their own. Public version: Hide comments from other users
    2. Pre-roll playback mode

      New playback mode Pre-roll: When playing a comment, playback starts 3 seconds earlier, which makes it easier to listen to the comment and its context. Pre-roll playback mode
    3. Pin icon

      On the Versions page, a pinned version will always be displayed on top. Additionally, we added a pin icon, so you know immediately that this version is pinned. Pin icon

    Bug Fixes & Improvements

    1. Safari 14 audio playback would only start after clicking play twice
    2. Reply notification are not marked as read when viewing the reply
  9. Version 2.1.0

    Tuesday, May 11, 2021

    What's New

    1. Comment without a Stacktune account

      Public Version Pages no longer require a Stacktune account to comment. Anyone who knows the link can add comments. Comment without a Stacktune account
    2. Additional project settings

      Don't need the ability to cast votes? Now you can easily disable them. Additionally, you can now choose to make use of an audio player, which offers substantially faster loading times, but is less accurate when switching versions. In the future, this setting will be replaced by a player, which combines the benefits of both players. Additional project settings
    3. Pause your subscription

      Are there periods when you're busy doing no audio-related work? Now you can pause your subscription during those periods. When a subscription is paused, uploading and downloading files are locked. Pause your subscription
  10. Version 2.0.0

    Monday, March 22, 2021

    What's New

    1. Redesigned UI

      Stacktune 2.0 comes with a completely redesigned user interface. We made a lot of things more easily accessible without having to switch to different pages. Please let us know how those changes work out for you, so we can make Stacktune even better in the future. Redesigned UI
    2. Comments Section

      Comments are displayed in a dedicated section and are now accessible all the time. Comments Section
    3. Breadcrumbs

      Easily access a different song or version by using the new breadcrumbs buttons. The arrow opens a dropdown, while the button resets the currently selected song or version. Breadcrumbs
    4. Shortcuts

      We added shortcuts to the header of each song, so you can quickly access everything you need. Shortcuts
    5. Redesigned Public Versions

      The public version page now has a cleaner design. Stats and ability to add comments without requiring an account coming soon! Redesigned Public Versions
  11. Version 1.16.0

    Saturday, December 12, 2020

    What's New

    1. Custom Branding (pro only)

      Now you can customize project invite emails and invite link screens with your logo Custom Branding (pro only)
    2. New Subscriptions

      We listened to your feedback and have updated our subscriptions. Previous "Project" subscriptions are updates to the "Bustling" tier for free. Ongoing "Pro" subscription will keep the previous price. Please contact us if you want to upgrade or check your inbox for a special discount link if you don't have a subscription. New Subscriptions
    3. Artist Subscription

      We know that someone has to do the job of distributing new recordings and ideas to your band mates. Make your life easier with our new Artist subscription at musician-friendly rates. Artist Subscription
    4. Privacy Policy updates

      We have made changes to how we process ip addresses so that in the future you will be able to track who has downloaded your files. Additionally, we have updated the retention times for log files.
  12. Version 1.15.0

    Friday, November 20, 2020

    What's New

    1. Manage ISRCs and due dates

      Manage due dates for songs and projects, as well as ISRC codes for songs. Manage ISRCs and due dates
    2. Reaper CSV export

      Want to import feedback directly into your DAW? Stacktune now comes with the ability to export comments in a Reaper compatible csv format. Reaper CSV export
    3. Billing & Invoices

      Easily manage your subscription and billing information directly within the app. Billing & Invoices
    4. Redesigns

      We gave our forms a makeover to look better than ever. Redesigns
  13. Version 1.14.0

    Friday, October 23, 2020

    What's New

    1. Keep track of what's left to do

      Mark comments as done and easily keep track of what's still to be done. Keep track of what's left to do
    2. Hide comments from other users

      Need to capture feedback from reviewers without letting them see comments from other users? Now that can easily be done. Hide comments from other users
    3. Set default sort order

      Set a sort order as default and all members will start with that exact order. Set default sort order
    4. App settings

      Stacktune now comes with more options to configure your experience. App settings

    Bug Fixes & Improvements

    1. Mobile UI improvements.
    2. Streamlined comment colors.
  14. Version 1.13.0

    Friday, September 18, 2020

    What's New

    1. Configurable email notifications

      Configure how often you receive new notifications. Previously we sent no more than one mail every 24 hours (unless you would have logged-in in the meantime). Now you can choose to receive emails more often. Configurable email notifications
    2. Streamlined welcome pages

      New welcome pages when new members are accessing a project for the first time: They now require new users to provide the least amount of data, and we have made sure that it is easy to add more details later. Streamlined welcome pages
    3. Project access without an account and secure defaults

      The option to require an account before being able to access a project is now called "allow access without an account". The default for a new project is the more secure option, which does not allow access without an account. Project access without an account and secure defaults
    4. Sort projects

      Projects are now sortable by name, created, updated (and soon due-date). Sort projects
    5. New button order

      We received a request to make the order of the buttons more logical, which we found quite reasonable. Thanks for submitting, and please keep reaching out to us. Building the best audio project management app is only possible with your help. New button order
    6. Project edit page changes

      The delete/leave button now has a dedicated space on the bottom of the project edit page. Used invite links are now hidden and can be displayed with the click of a button. Project edit page changes
    7. Player improvements

      The player now uses shorter fade times and does not fade in at the beginning of the audio file.

    Bug Fixes & Improvements

    1. Deleted items no longer show a badge on the parent entity, indicating new updates
  15. Version 1.12.0

    Wednesday, August 19, 2020

    What's New

    1. new landing page & roadmap

      Redesigned landing page and we finally added a roadmap with upcoming features

    Bug Fixes & Improvements

    1. Button hover states
  16. Version 1.11.0

    Monday, August 3, 2020

    What's New

    1. configurable level match

      Level match can now be configured on a project level. If no value is set, we use the loudest value possible that does not introduce any distortion. configurable level match
    2. continuous playback mode enabled per default

      Some users told us that they would prefer if their clients would start with continuous mode enabled, which is now the default

    Bug Fixes & Improvements

    1. iOS 13 contains a bug which leads to issues with playback. We are now using a dedicated playback mode for devices running iOS to work around this issue. As a side effect level match no longer amplifies levels on iOS devices and continuous playback mode is somewhat less accurate. We will make the previous playback mode available again when the bug in iOS is resolved.
  17. Version 1.10.0

    Tuesday, July 28, 2020

    What's New

    1. invite new members via link

      If you don't have an email address handy, you can now easily create a link which will grant access to the project invite new members via link
    2. redesigned project edit page

      We have redesigned the project edit page. Edits to the members of a project now are instantly saved, and we have added a hint explaining the resulting permissions redesigned project edit page
    3. notifications

      If a user never had enabled/disabled notifications via email, we now show a hint on the projects overview. Previously this setting was fairly hidden within the user settings notifications
    4. ui improvements

      We have made quite a few improvements to the UI, like nicer looking buttons or additional information like displaying the date when something has been updated ui improvements
    5. version notes

      An info button now indicates the presence of version notes, which open in a dedicated modal and no longer clutter the screen version notes

    Bug Fixes & Improvements

    1. Invited users, that didn't yet have a password set, were unable to upload audio to other projects
    2. If Firefox is configured to restore sessions, it aggressively caches the currently shown page, which could have lead to outdated data being displayed after session restore
    3. In certain situations, users would not be able to update comments of other users, even if they had admin permissions
  18. Version 1.9.0

    Sunday, May 10, 2020

    What's New

    1. resizable waveform / comments section

      Ever needed more space for the player or comments? We just added a handle which lets you do exactly that. And if you would like to listen without a waveform, the smallest setting will render it blurred. resizable waveform / comments section

    Bug Fixes & Improvements

    1. make white colors less glaring
  19. Version 1.8.0

    Monday, May 4, 2020

    What's New

    1. redesigned comments section

      We gave the comments section and the version page a shiny new look. Everything is now conveniently displayed on the same page to make navigating between comments much more efficient. redesigned comments section
    2. sortable comments

      comments can now be sorted either by date or by their position in the song. sortable comments
    3. newlines when composing comments and replies

      Comments and replies now support new lines, so you can format your comments more easily. newlines when composing comments and replies
    4. pin version

      The project page so far always displayed the latest version for a song. In case you would like to display a specific version, you can now pin it. pin version
    5. project playlist

      Listen to the whole album. Hit the play button in the project tile, and all versions will be played one after the other. The playlist icon in the footer cancels the playlist and gets back to normal playback mode. project playlist
    6. audio duration is now displayed in every player

      We finally added a label that shows the duration of each audio file.
    7. requirement to provide a version description removed

      Some of you found it inconvenient having to enter a version description, so we now automatically use the file name as a fallback in case no description is provided.
    8. release notes menu item

      When a new version is available, release notes are now shown in the navigation bar. We also added a way to provide direct feedback for each release.
    9. 90 days free pro trial

      We have extended our pro trial to 90 days in order to help everyone who currently is forced to do more work remotely.
  20. Version 1.7.0

    Friday, April 3, 2020

    What's New

    1. Redesigned edit project members section

      Allow to disable downloads for specific members
    2. Browser tab now shows current song

  21. Version 1.6.0

    Saturday, March 14, 2020

    What's New

    1. Allow to delete mutliple versions, when editing a song

  22. Version 1.5.0

    Wednesday, March 11, 2020

    What's New

    1. Define a custom sort order for songs

    2. rewind button added to the player

    3. Adds create comment button to the comment-list view

  23. Version 1.4.6

    Sunday, February 16, 2020

    What's New

    1. Mark comment as seen when it is played back

    2. "New" badge can be clicked to mark as seen

  24. Version 1.4.2

    Wednesday, February 5, 2020

    What's New

    1. Adds change password to account settings

  25. Version 1.4.1

    Monday, February 3, 2020

    Bug Fixes & Improvements

    1. Deleting a version while it is loaded in the player would show an error message, even though the version has been deleted successfully
  26. Version 1.4.0

    Sunday, February 2, 2020

    What's New

    1. more information about your files

      Display sample rate, bits per sample and channels of uploaded audio file
    2. Adds basic support to display videos

      Video files need to be supplied in a format that is supported by browsers. Recommended video format: H.264 max width / height: 1000px
    3. Pricing updates
    4. Added release notes
  27. Version 1.3.0

    Tuesday, January 21, 2020

    What's New

    1. public links

      Set an optional expiry date for public links. Expired links no longer are accessible
  28. Version 1.2.0

    Wednesday, January 8, 2020

    What's New

    1. Major upgrade to our upload infrastructure

      All uploads are now powered by a distributed network of upload endpoints. Uploads are automatically handled by a server near to your physical location in order to achieve fastest uploads possible.
  29. Version 1.1.0

    Monday, January 6, 2020

    What's New

    1. public links

      Disable downloads allows you to share audio files with your clients while not allowing to download the original file you uploaded
  30. Version 1.0.0

    Saturday, December 28, 2019

    Official Release. Discounts up to 70%