Stacktune is a web application that enables producers, studios and musicians to manage, organize and keep track of their audio projects

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how stacktune improves your workflow and saves valuable time

  1. project page overview

    Keep track of your projects

    follow your projects from the first recording to the final mix. With stacktune you can keep all your audio files and mixes in one place. Feedback is linked to a specific version and optionally a position, so nobody needs to guess which mix or section someone else is talking about.

  2. Compare audio files with confidence

    comparing audio files is difficult, as even little differences in playback loudness can have a more significant impact than compressor or eq settings. Stacktune allows you to compare audio files at a matched level. Seamlessly switch between different mixes. And we automatically align your mixes!

    seamlessly compare audio files
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    stay up to date

    stacktune lets members of a project automatically know about new events that have happened. Uploading a new mix just takes a few seconds - and you can take your mixes wherever you want: Stacktune offers full mobile support

how it works

create a new project and add members
drag and drop your files
add comments and collect feedback

audio files and player

image of player
For each audio file you upload we automatically provide useful measurements such as the integrated loudness, the true peak and the loudness range
image of player
The player allows you to play back your songs at a matched level of either -15 LUFS or -20 LUFS for more dynamic material. The continuous mode allows to seamlessly switch between different versions

privacy and security

  1. All communication and data transfer is TLS encrypted

  2. No ads. No unwanted emails. None of your data will be sold. As a German company, we respect the GDPR

  3. Configurable security: Additional protection from unauthorized access when you need it

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We are passionate about building products with great user experience and we are commited to make sharing audio files as easy as possible. We are constantly working on improving stacktune and your feedback is important to us. Please let us know if you miss anything or require anything different.

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